Sanjeev Uniyal

(Advocate Supreme Court of India)

Life without liberty and society without safety is like eyes without vision, ears without hearing power, Mind without thinking faculty and lips without smile.

On 25 of February 2020 a group of unruly, uncivilized, barbarous and dangerous mob transcripted a brutal story by killing more than 50 Hindus in North East Delhi riots . Which speaks volume about the intolerant, insensitive and unconstitutional temperament of so called minority community it doesn’t reflect that this kind of behavior could be correlated with the act of minority community in the heart of the capital of Bharat . In the global scenario it has been 180 degree reverse means majority community of other countries punished the minorities by signifying there numerological dominance.

The fundamental difference between rioters and murders have been unambiguously elaborated in criminal jurisprudence under constitution of India. Whereas in the eyes of the law it has been provided with separate provisions for punishment.

Riot is an offence against the public peace and good order, conspiracy to riot is also a separate offence. In one case the leader of a small Marxists group took to the streets preaching revolution and organized resistance to lawful authority. Cursing the police, he spoke about how to fight and kill them. Generally advocated violent means to gain political ends. The court laid down law and rule of the land is that the person who agrees with another to organize future riots and who commits an ‘overt’ act in conformity with the agreement is guilty not of riot, but of conspiracy to riot.

  The ‘Riots’ are the most dangerous, barbarous and a blot on the civilisation. The Delhi’s heated riots in a pre planned manner was an act of nefarious designs. On 25th Feb 2020 the Uttrakhand’s gullible young boy aged 20 years Dilbar Singh Negi had to fell victim to the brutality of anti Hindu riots.

Dilbar Singh Negi was burnt alive by a mob of rioters belonging to a community, while he was taking a nap inside a sweet shop in Shiv Vihar, North East Delhi. Who was demanding roll back of CAA. Dilbar Singh Negi came only 6 months ago from Uttrakhand to meet his livelihood, leaving behind his old age parents and brother at the remote village of Uttrakhand.

In the picture on social media one can see the burnt body of deceased Dilbar Singh Negi. The rioters after cutting Dilbar Singh Negi’s hands and feet, threw rest of his body into the fire. Dilbar used to work in a sweet shop at Shiv Vihar. Dilbar Singh Negi was from Thalisan block of district Pauri GarhwalDilbar’s younger brother who is a student, came all the way from Garhwal hills was shaken from head to toe and told that “he is unable to think how he will handover the dead body of his elder brother to his old ailing parents back in Uttrakhand”. Delhi Police has registered an FIR against these Jehadis, since “every cloud has a silver lining”.

Liberty is to the collective body what health is to every individual’s body. Without health no pleasure can be tasted by man, without liberty no happiness can be enjoyed by the society.

These hated crimes by a particular community against Hindus was pre-planned and pre-determined. It has been established with the FIR’s and then charge-sheet has been filed against the AAP counselor Tahir Hussain and 14 others in Karakardooma court of Delhi. This charge-sheet was in co-relation with the riots that took place in the Chand Bagh area of North-east Delhi on 24th and 25th February of this year. Delhi Police further enunciated in the said charge-sheet that on January 8th almost a month before February, North-east Delhi riots, Tahir Hussain met with Former JNU student Umer Khalid and Khalid Saifi and united against Hate at Shaheen Bagh Anti- CCA protest, and Umer asked Tahir “ to be prepared for something big/ riots at the time of TRUMP’s visit”. He and other PFI members will help ( Hussain financially ). Then the chief mastermind who organised the violence in the region for which Tahir Hussain has received Rs. 1.30 crores, his brother and 15 others also have been named as accused.

Police further elaborated in charge-sheet that Tahir Hussain got his pistol released from Khajuri Khas police station, just before the riots started and didn’t give any satisfactory reply for the same. He has to answer where are his live 14 cartridges also. Chand Bagh was the worst hit area where IB staffer Ankit Sharma was also found murdered in a drain. Here in Jaffrabad riots case also the Delhi Police filled charge-sheet on June 2nd. Natasha Narwal and Devan Gana Kalita of “Pinjara Tod” group have been accused and arrested. They both were also a part of longer conspiracy and were found to be hand in glove with the India against Hate group as Umer Khalid. It was a targeted attack on Hindu community. The Hindu community was totally unaware about the attack while the attackers belonging to the Muslim community pre-planned not only the man power and other resources but also the timing as well.

Whereas the culture of Bharat clearly gives us direction by way of Bhrtrihari’s Niti Shatak which as follows:

अयं निजः परो वेति गणना लघु चेतसाम् |

 उदारचरितानां तु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् ||


The person with narrow minded outlook thinks that he is mine, he is my enemy, But a person with a golden heart thinks…everyone on the earth is his brother.

The said factual information have been shared by the various independent social workers and other organisations like ‘GIA- Group of Intellectuals and Academicians’ and ‘Call For Justice’ another group of intellectuals.

As per the report of GIA there is not an iota of doubt that this riot is a tragic outcome of a planned and systemic radicalisation of minorities with a left Urban Naxal network operating in universities of the capital. The very presence of Jihadi organisations, like PFI (Popular Front of India ) at Dharna sites have been established by the fact finding team of GIA. The recommendation observed by various independent fact finding teams, thereby corroborating the same factual matrix in the charge-sheet filed by Delhi-Police on June 1st and 2nd. The needles of the clock are interlinked with each other, one moves with a greater speed then the other needle which moves slowly. The modus of operandi in these anti Hindu riots has the same pattern, as Tahir Hussain, Abdul Khalid, Gul Fisha, Shifa Ur Rehman etc. Have executed the riots on the ground level in conspiracy with bigger fishes having remote with International Jehadi and Urban naxal support like, Harsh Mander, Rajdeep Serdesai, Yogender Yadav etc.

The various Stringent steps have to be taken by the Central Government to handle these dangerous Anti- National acts so that the majoritarian society who is very peaceful, progressive, educated and civilised should not be penalised for no wrong.

 The Bharatiya point of view in this context is squarely matching with four corners of this present


 every man on the Earth has the right to be educated and

live healthy.

And “अहिंसा परमो धर्मः” Meaning Non-violence is the ultimate duty.

Last year on 25 February 2020 this episode of violent mob lynching brutal murder and mass killing of Hindu’s took place in the boarder day light in the presence of media persons, police and other authorities which can be witnessed through the various videos Available in the social media. We hope that highest democratic values of this ancient country Bharat shall be maintain by each and every citizen in the future, so that the ambition to become vishawguru could be achieved in no time and justify the sholaka

“sarve bhavantu sukhinah Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”

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