Malikappuram – Another Divine Movie from South based on Holy Sabariamala  in the queue – from tomorrow on screens

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released tomorrow - Malikappuram.


“Malikappuram”  Malayalam movie based on Sabarimala, starring Unni Mukundan will hit the screens tomorrow Dec 30, 2022.

As per “Bhootanatha Upakhyanam”, a hindu epic that tells us the story of Lord Ayyappa, Malikapurathamma is none other than Lalita Tripurasundari Devi herself.   

Malikappurathamma or Manjamaatha, a deity as equivalent to Lord Ayyappa at Sabarimala, has an emotional impact on people as much as Ayyappan. The new upcoming film from Malayalam is based on the story and concept of Devi Malikappuram,  Starring new Malayalam sensation hero Unni Mukundan. The movie may be a next  “Kanthara” from south but this time from Kerala. 

When you wear the holy Mudra (Badge chain) of Ayyappa to go to Sabarimala Pilgrimage, from that moment all ladies are “Malikappuram” to you. You see them, you approach them as like holy diety and all those who wear Holy Mudra chain badge are called as “Ayyappa Swami” only. So you see the mother Malikappuram in all ladies till you complete the Sabarimala Pilgrimage and surrender the Mudra Chain badge. Thats the holy concept of Malikappuram as far as Sabarimala is concerned. Lord Ayyappa is believed to be born to Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu as Mohini (Female). 

As per the belief and historical references Malikappuram is the incarnation of Sri Madhura Meenakshi Amman of Madura, Tamilnadu and also the Family Diety of Panthalam Kingdom. Lord Ayyappa was the prince of Panthala Kingdom and he left to the Throne and Kingdom and went to Forest (Sabarimala) and attained Yogadhyana forever. The Panthalam King is  is considered to be the 

Released tomorrow – Malikappuram

In a political spectrum of Kerala also, the movie Malikappuram has its significance.(Ladies below 10 yrs and above 50 are allowed in Sabarimala as per the customs and belief). After the Kerala Govts decision to allow young ladies to Sabarimala against the custom of the temple, lakhs of ladies got down to streets to protect their belief and traditions. The World has seen the power of those “Malikappurams” on the streets of Kerala against the conspiracy of the communist Govt that took place a few years ago to demolish Sabarimala.

Their, Malikappuram’s prayer rally across the state of Kerala (Namajapa Yatra) made the Govt of Kerala to come down to feet and their determination rumbled through the streets of Kerala. 

 Indications are that Unnimukundan’s latest film Malikappuram is a film that depicts the depth of devotion and relationships of those Malikappurams and the traditions of Sabarimala as the larger canvas. 

The movie trailers suggest that Malikappuram will tell the story of a little girl “Malikappuram” and one little boy Swami Ayappa who take a vow to go to Sabarimala to see their superhero Lord Ayyappa in a different way…

In this age when the unrighteous add anger to unholy relationships to swallow Dharma, it is hoped that through Malikappuram, the scrolls of Dharma victory that will overcome them all will be unveiled.

 Malayalee’s young charming action hero superstar Unnimukundan is sure to amaze the screens in another visual epic drama when Lord Ayyappa will hit the silver screen in this time in BLACK.

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